Wigmore Cheese

Wigmore Cheese



About Wigmore Cheese

Wigmore Cheese is a semi soft cheese produced in the village of Rinsley in Berkshire by a company called Village Maid Cheese, founded in 1986 by Anne Wigmore – hence the cheeses name.

Made from unpasteurised ewe’s milk, Wigmore cheese is created using traditional methods for hand-washed curd cheese, resulting in a vegetarian, natural bloomy rind. The benefit of hand washing the curd is that the whey is reduced, minimizing acidity, allowing the cheese to retain its characteristic smooth texture and mild taste.

As a result of this process, Wigmore can be quite crumbly in youth, but mellows and matures perfectly to a velvety, slightly melting edged cheese, similar to brie in it’s texture without becoming runny.

The cheese is matured for six weeks, resulting in 48% fat content and a white rind finish. Wigmore is a repeated British Cheese Awards winner.

Tasting Notes

Wigmore is a real natural beauty, marrying together a whole host of sweet and fruity undertones in this mild and mellow cheese. With a slight yeasty nose, dependant on season, Wigmore can have quite a sharp fruity rich flavour when young, transforming into a cheese of refinement in maturity with hints of sweet burnt caramel, flowers and nuts. A delicate, gentle flavour throughout.

How to Enjoy

Wigmore cheese is best continuously stored in the refrigerator at less than 5°C, but removed and allowed to warm to room temperature before consuming. Because of the fruity mellow flavours of Wigmore cheese it actually works well as both a sweet aperitif, and coupled with pear segments and walnuts as a sweet dessert. It’s also well complimented by a Cabernet Merlot.

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