Vintage Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese

Vintage Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese



About Vintage Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese

Lincolnshire Poacher, and Vintage Lincolnshire Poacher cheese, amongst others, are created on the eastern edge of the Lincolnshire Wolds, at Ulceby Grange Farm, near Alford.

The farm has been kept organic for over ten years by the owners and cheese-makers themselves, Tim and Simon Jones, as they believe the happier the cows, the nicer the cheese, hence their additional commitment to sustainable agriculture practices on the farm.

Vintage and regular Lincolnshire Poacher is handmade from the farms own herd of 230 Holstein cows, which grass graze daily, resulting in slight variations in colour, taste and texture, not only seasonally, but even daily, as only one batch of cheese is made per day.

The cheese is said to have the characteristic of both a traditional west country Cheddar – as the technique and method of production is very similar in a number of ways – and a French Gruyere.

Unlike the original Lincolnshire Poacher cheese, the vintage is matured for between 18 and 22 months, rather than the 14-16 months of the original, and this brings out the distinctive complexity of it’s flavour in comparison. Vintage Poacher has a natural rind and yellow colour, and a fat content of 45%.

Tasting Notes

The Vintage Lincolnshire Poacher is a complex, deep cheese, with a strong , mature and full flavoured taste. The texture is smooth, as is the lingering, clean aftertaste giving off sweet fruit and nutty notes.

How to Enjoy

This cheese is so incredibly versatile, we’re not sure what it doesn’t work well with (though you’re more than welcome to get in touch and let us know). Cheese scones, tarts, soufflé and of course rarebit. The producers own website has a load of recipes for you to try out.

Beverage wise, being a vintage, this couples well with a vintage port, or Spanish Muscat, and if you’re wanting to give all of the above a try, Vintage Lincolnshire Poacher also freezes well, and stores fine covered in the fridge for the occasional nibble.

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