Vignotte Cheese (Brie)

Vignotte Cheese (Brie)




About Vignotte Cheese

Vignotte Cheese is a semi-soft French cheese, produced in Normandie, in the Champagne-Ardenne region, made with pasteurised cow’s milk. This intense cheese with powdery white skin is made with “Triple Cream”, a high milk fat, with extra cream added during production, making it incredibly fatty. Tastes similar to exaggerated Brie, with a light, but rich, buttery texture. Suitable for vegetarians.

Tasting Notes

Starting with a smooth Brie taste, Vignotte develops into an earthy, moldy flavour, with a mellowing aftertaste. This is a decidedly strong and bitter tasting cheese.

There’s definitely more than a hint of Brie in its rich, creamy taste and texture. It tastes fresh, with a slight lemon twist and a bitter, mushroomy undertone with a salty flavour, which has been said to be reminiscent of popcorn.

How to Enjoy

Vignotte has such strong tastes that it’s best accompanied by a bland cracker or biscuit, as part of a cheese board, or beautifully grilled as a starter. Great accompanied by white wine (Sauvignon) or Champagne.

NB: Vignotte can get incredibly sticky at warm room temperature, so make sure you’re supplied with napkins if enjoying as part of a platter.


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