Ticklemore Goats Cheese

Ticklemore Goats Cheese



About Ticklemore Goats Cheese

Ticklemore Goats Cheese is a semi-hard goats cheese currently made at the Devonshire Sharpham Creamery. Originally the Ticklemore goats cheese was made by Robert Congdon of Ticklemore Dairy, but was passed onto his neighbours as space required, and is now made by Debbie Mumford to the exact same recipe and even utilizing the same Goat’s milk supplier as Robert used to. The goats graze not only on grass, but also the hedgerows of the Dartmoor area, giving them a wide variety of plants in their diet.

Ticklemore goats cheese is drained in individual colander moulds for forty-eight hours, hand salted and then placed in a maturation room. The cheese is regularly turned and rubbed by hand during its one to three month’s maturation, contributing to the natural white mould rind of the cheese, and resulting in a softer texture just underneath the rind. The colanders give the Ticklemore goats cheese a unique and distinctive flying saucer shape, with scattered small holes throughout.

The cheese is made with vegetable rennet so is suitable for vegetarians, and can also act as a great substitute for those with cows milk allergies. Milk is full fat and pasteurised, giving a fat content of 48%. Ticklemore Goat cheese has previously won the Gold taste of the West and the Bronze World Cheese Awards.

Tasting Notes

Ticklemore Goat is a subtle, mild and fresh tasting goats cheese without an often associated strong aroma. It is a moist, yet crumbly texture, allowing a full, floral, herby and zesty palette with a subtle lemony taste.

The cheese acts as a sweet cheese addition to meals and cheese platter spreads.

How to Enjoy

Once dispatched this cheese has a shelf life of approximately two months and can well compliment sweet dishes as part of a main course, as well as acting as a great addition to any cheese board.

A great match with figs, beetroot, dates and excellent with salads in general. If you want to try something a little different, Ticklemore alongside a sweet dish, the cheese actually works really well with ripe pears too.

Also really well accompanied by a full-flavoured and bodied red wine.

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