Sparkenhoe Red Leicester Cheese

Sparkenhoe Red Leicester Cheese



About Sparkenhoe Red Leicester Cheese

Sparkenhoe cheese is a handmade, unpasteurized Red Leicester cheese, produced by local dairy farm cows in Leicestershire. Made from a traditional recipe and matured and ripened for six months, bound with lard, on Beechwood shelves within the dairy, giving the cheese a rich, long lasting flavour.

It is a firm textured cheese, chewy yet still pleasantly moist.

Sparkenhoe Red Leicester Cheese has a characteristic deep red or orange colour, added by a natural plant dye, Annatto, taken from the Achiote tree found in South America, which some attribute the ‘warmth’ of the cheese to. This dye is added into the cheese production just before the curds and whey are separated.

Tasting Notes

This unpasteurized cheese offers a juxtaposed clean, well balanced, yet rich and complex taste. An initial sweet acidic, yet smooth taste moves into a wholesome nutty flavour, developing into a savoury and milky taste, and leaving a long lasting pleasant warm aftertaste, like that of turmeric or similar spices.

How to Enjoy

Sparkenhoe Red Leicester is a lovely regular eating cheese, and can be worked into a cheese board with 1kg generously feeding up to ten people at an average dinner party.

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