Sparkenhoe Blue Cheese

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Sparkenhoe Blue Cheese

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About Sparkenhoe Blue Cheese

Sparkenhoe Blue is an organic, mature, British, blue cheese made from unpasteurised milk from Friesian-Holstein cows on a farm on the Welbeck Estate in Nottinghamshire. Founders of Stichelton, Joe Schneider and Randolph Hodgson, have been making the cheese since 2005 and supply to specialist cheese counters once the cheese has matured to about four months old.

The process of creating Sparkenhoe Blue cheese draws on artisanal production methods requiring manual judgment of colour, visible liquid, taste and feel, to ensure daily that the cheese retains it’s unique consistency and quality.

Sparkenhoe Blue cheese is a full bodied, robust and complex cheese. A cheese that takes you on a journey from a sweet (almost fruity), mild and mellow flavour, through to a strong, sharp yet creamy, rich taste.

It has a wonderfully crumbly texture and is obviously a fully matured, sumptuous blue cheese.

How to Enjoy

As a well rounded blue cheese, Sparkenhoe Blue can be eaten as part of a cheese board or incorporated into any number of wondrous blue cheese recipes, such as this blue cheese and potato galette. Well accompanied by a sweet, fruity white wine.

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