Smoked Northumberland Cheese

smoked northumberland cheese
Smoked Northumberland Cheese

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About Smoked Northumberland Cheese

Smoked Northumberland Cheese is a delicate, creamy Cheddar traditionally produced by smoking the cheese over oak-chippings.

The cheese is usually left for a minimum of 24 hours, on a smoking shelf, to develop a rich balance of smooth smokiness and a textured cheese.

This is a vegetarian friendly cheese made from pasteurised cow’s milk.

Tasting Notes

Smoked Northumberland offers an initial creamy, mellow flavour, with a long-lasting beautiful overtone of smokiness. A well balanced smoky flavour, similar to BBQ, becoming richer into a smooth after taste.

This texture of this cheese is actually quite rubbery, similar to Applewood in complexion though much lighter and subtler in taste.

How To Enjoy

Smoked Northumberland would work well as a base for cooking with, to add a subtle smokey undertone to any sauces, due to its mild, light flavours. It also works well coupled with a stronger condiment such as sweet chilli sauce or cranberry jelly, on crackers or oatcakes.


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