Smoked Cheddar Cheese

Smoked Cheddar Cheese
Smoked Cheddar Cheese

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About Smoked Cheddar Cheese

Another in the great tasting Snowdonia Cheese Company’s range of flavoured cheeses, the smoked cheddar goes back to basics with a naturally Smoked Cheddar Cheese.

Smoked Cheddar is British smoked in Rhyl, Wales, over beechwood smoke, giving a unique tasting, smoked Cheddar, wrapped in a striking bright yellow wax.

The cheese is hard and strong flavoured, yet due to the beechwood is a more subdued smokiness and subtle flavour than other smoked Cheddars on the market.

The Snowdonia Cheese Company work hard to ensure that the cheese maintains its hand-made status, and that the beechwood used during the process is sustainable. The Snowdonia Smoked Cheddar is currently only available through select deli’s and farm shops.

Tasting Notes

This smoked version of the already highly popular Snowdonia Cheddar maintains the highly creamy taste of its forefather and is just as additive and moreish.

Combined with the Beechwood smokiness the Snowdonia Smoked Cheddar Cheese packs a punch with its strong smoky finish and lingering aftertaste.

How to Enjoy

As with most of the Snowdonia Cheeses the Smoked Cheddar is great just on it’s own as a quick nibble, as part of a cheeseboard or a ploughmans lunch. It also goes well with Oatcakes and a honey course grain mustard, and works well with a dark bitter or stout.


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