Sharpham Brie Cheese

Sharpham Brie Cheese
Sharpham Brie Cheese

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About Sharpham Brie Cheese

Although named Sharpham Brie, this cheese is actually closer to a Coulommiers style of cheese, which started being made in the creamery of the 18th century coachyard of Sharpham house since 1981. The cheeses are now produced in a modern and larger creamery near the winery of Sharpham House.

The cheese is organically produced using the rich unpasteurised milk of the estates own Jersey cattle, with vegetarian rennet. The only ingredients added to the traditionally handmade cheese besides the milk is salt, starter cultures and the rennet.

Sharpham Brie cheese has always been produced using traditional techniques, ensuring that the cheese remains free of GM ingredients, and its hand-produced status. The techniques and production process are even visible as part of a tour with the creamery at Sharpham House.

Tasting Notes

Sharpham Brie cheese is a rich, mature, surface ripened brie cheese, with a bitter finish. A delicious brie style cheese which grows even stronger as it continues to mature.

Despite the finish, the cheese retains a complex delicacy, and houses a clotted cream texture with a hint of mushrooms.

How to Enjoy

Sharpham Brie cheese has great ooze on a cheese board, and offers a stronger option to other regular Brie cheeses.


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