Scrumpy Sussex Cheese

Scrumpy Sussex Cheese




About Scrumpy Sussex Cheese

The crux of Scrumpy Sussex cheese is somewhat given away by the name! The hard-pressed, Cheddar style cheese is produced in the village of Stonegate in East Sussex, combining raw cows milk, and gently blending with the curd herbs, wild garlic and, of course, cider.

Scrumpy Sussex cheese is a traditional family cheese and created to a similar recipe as Olde Sussex. The dairy in Stonegate has been producing cheese for many years, whilst always ensuring the traditional hand-made methods are preserved and maintained. Scrumpy Sussex is now distributed from this dairy throughout the UK.

The cheese is rindless, with a bouncy texture. Scrumpy Sussex matures for three months, is non GMO and is suitable for vegetarians.

Tasting Notes

Scrumpy Sussex cheese is full of distinctive flavour, without overpowering the rich, buttery cheese. The additional ingredients to the cows milk infuse and disperse throughout the maturation period resulting in a lingering zingy taste and a strong aroma of garlic and herbs when cut.

How to Enjoy

Scrumpy Sussex makes a great alternative to Welsh Rarebit, and is also absolutely delicious just as it is, with a good cracker or crispbread due to the perfectly combined marriage of cider, herbs and garlic.


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