Royal Cheese Board

Royal Cheese Board



  • Colston Basset Stilton 300g/ English Cheese
  • Black Bomber 300g/English Cheese
  • Wensleydale Cranberry 300g/English Cheese
  • Chevre Brush 200g//French Cheese
  • Brie the Meaux 300g/French Cheese
  • Gubbeen /Livarot 200g- Irish/French Cheese
  • Lincolnshire Poacher 300g/English Cheese
  • Pecorino Truffle 200g/Italy Cheese
  • Smoked Northumberland 200g/English Cheese
  • Gouda Pesto 300g/Netherland Cheese
  • Suffolk Salami 170g/ English Salami
  • Pickled Shallots jar 300ml
  • Lincolnshire plum bread
  • Duck Pate 160g (jar)
  • Venison Pate 160g (jar)
  • Toast for cheeses 120g (box)
  • Peter’s Yard Biscuits 105g (box)
  • Chilli Jam jar

Our selection of the best artisan cheeses from English and French farms. Delicious pates and salami plus Lincolnshire plum bread and two boxes of amazing cheese biscuits and jar of delicious chilli jam. Surprise your friends and family with this delicious cheese board.

Please note that it is sometimes necessary to substitute items with a suitable equivalent.