Red Devil Cheese

Red Devil Cheese
Red Devil Cheese

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About Red Devil Cheese

Another award winning offering from the Snowdonia Cheese Company with this artisan Red Devil Cheese infused with red chilies and crushed pepper, aptly named Red Devil, for it’s devilishly fiery kick, this cheese won the World Cheese Silver Award in 2006.

There has been a beautiful balance found in this cheese so that the red devil offers a moist, cheeseiness with the added heat of the chilli, which leaves a watery mouth but doesn’t overwhelm the cheese or last too long, meaning that you can easily over indulge in this cheese with slice after slice.

Tasting Notes

The red devil cheese leaves a distinctive full flavoured, tangy taste, a little salty and then brings forth this bite of heat through the chilli and crushed pepper. Be warned the heat is more than a little apparent, this cheese is hot, but it is so well infused that there’s no hint of acidity which some other chilli cheeses can be.

How to Enjoy

Red Devil makes a perfect party cheese, for it’s fierce spicy tang, if enjoyed on it’s own. If you’re not a great heat person then coupling Red Devil cheese with a Rioja or glass of beer can help to cut through the spice, as will a sweet fig relish or chutney.

The Snowdonia Cheese company also offer a couple of great recipes if you want to be a little more adventurous with your Red Devil, our favourite being some spicy little chilli cheese puffs, choux buns, served either hot or cold.


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