Raclette de Savoire Cheese

Raclette de Savoire Cheese



About Raclette de Savoire Cheese

Raclette de Savoire Cheese is produced in the Valais region, separating the Pennine and Bernese Alps, in South Western Switzerland.

The name of the cheese is taken from the traditional language meaning to scrape – as Raclette is traditionally eaten hot and scrapped from the rind directly onto the plate.

Raclette is a firm cheese made from cow’s milk, reflected in the milky full flavour.

Tasting Notes

The aroma of Raclette cheese is distinctively musty yet sweet, with a creamy, milky flavour and texture. The browny orange coloured rind and yellowy cheese adds a splash of colour onto the plate.

How to Enjoy

Raclette is best served heated either in front of a fire, or by special machine, then the melted cheese is scrapped directly onto the diners plate. Keeping the rind of the cheese on results in a tasty crust on the cheese once it’s melted. Though it is cautioned that should it be overcooked, the cheese will become grainy and the fat will separate.

Traditionally accompanied by small potatoes, pickled onions and dried, cold meats.

Local tradition dictates that a Raclette meal should be eaten alongside a warm drink such as tea, because other cold drinks are thought to harden the cheese in the stomach giving you indigestion.

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