Mrs Temple’s Binham Blue Cheese

Mrs Temple’s Binham Blue Cheese



About Mrs Temple’s Binham Blue Cheese

Mrs Temple’s Binham Blue is one of a range of hand produced cheeses offered by Catherine Temple of Copy’s Green Farm at Wighton, Norfolk.

The range of cheeses spanning Gouda types, crumbly hard cheeses such as Walsingham, Mozzarella’s and this Blue Cheese, were created to be able to offer a full Norfolk cheeseboard range, and started with the Melton Mozzarella over a decade ago using recipes handed down family generations.

Binham Blue is a soft blue veined cheese produced using pasteurised milk from Holstein Friesian and Swiss Brown cows which graze near Wells-next-the-Sea, by the small village after which the cheese was named. Made with vegetarian rennet, from a producer who prides themselves on high standards of animal welfare, so more than suitable for vegetarians. The cheese has a pale yellow interior encompassed by a harder, courser and rough orangey rind.

In fact Copy’s Green Farm is so conscious of their animals and environment that they are a leading cheesemaker in responsible and sustainable farming, ensuring that their cattle food is mostly produced on the farm and is fully traceable from grass meadows through to the customer. Not only that, but their cheeses production is fuelled by energy created on the farm using biomass technology. The farm’s waste is utilised back into fertilising the land, and they try to use minimal packaging for their goods.

So not only has Mrs Temple’s Binham Blue been recognised as an award winner receiving Bronze at the British Cheese Awards in 2004, but the farm itself was also named one of the Green energy farmers of the year 2006.

Tasting Notes

The Binham Blue has a creamy texture and natural crust, with a luscious sweet blue tangy taste. Full flavoured though not overwhelming, almost more like a Gorgonzola than a Stilton, despite it’s full character and grey blue specks and veins. Smooth flavour with a bite to finish.

How to Enjoy

Created with the cheese board in mind, there’s no surprise that this is it’s strength for full blown enjoyment, though it also goes incredibly well with hot bread!

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