Mrs Bell’s Blue Cheese

Mrs Bell’s Blue Cheese



About Mrs Bell’s Blue Cheese

Mrs. Bell’s cheeses have been made and named after their creator, Judy Bell, since 1987. Mrs. Bell’s Blue is one of a number of variations, including their well known and love Yorkshire Blue.

Mrs Bell’s Blue is made in Thirsk, Yorkshire, using 100% fresh, local ewe’s milk. The cheese is made from a very continental recipe, which requires the cheese to be handmade, curdled with vegetarian rennet, then salted and matured for between ten and twelve weeks. Mrs. Bell’s Blue cheese is therefore perfect for vegetarians and is also pasturised.

During this time the cheese gains its signature blue cheese saltiness and develops it’s almost snow white colour, with its streaky blue veins.

The cheese has proven a favourite of some celebrity chefs (Rick Stein, Raymond Blanc) and unsurprisingly so having won numerous awards including Reserve Supreme Champion at the Nantwich International Cheese Show.

Tasting Notes

Mrs Bell’s Blue is notably less salty than many other blue cheeses, whilst replicating the similarities of the Yorkshire Blue in creaminess. It is very rich, creamy and slightly sweet tasting blue cheese with just a subtle, light salty contrasting finish.

Milder and creamier than Roquefort, though regularly compared, but still with the traditional complexity and lasting tanginess of a blue cheese.

How to Enjoy

The perfect Blue cheese representative on any cheeseboard, as it could easily be suggested as one of the best ewe’s milk blue cheeses from the continent. It goes sublimely well with sweet biscuits, and also works well with fresh pears.

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