Montgomery Cheddar Cheese

Montgomery Cheddar Cheese



About Montgomery Cheddar Cheese

Montgomery Mature Cheddar cheese is one of the few and far between, and therefore distinguished, Cheddar’s still made to exacting standards using traditional methods and hand made in Somerset.

Montgomery cheese has been made within the Montgomery family for 70 years and great pains are made to ensure that the recipe and quality of the cheese remain the same. So committed to the original production methods, Montgomery Cheddar still uses the traditional source of enzymes used to start the curd, calf rennet – which is one of the reasons why the Montgomery Cheddar Cheese has such character.

A lot of the noticeable tastes of this Cheddar come through the very strict, and regulated diet of the Montgomery’s own Frisian cow herd, and the dairy ensuring that all milk is fresh – not heat treated before use – resulting in the dairy producing cheese 7 days a week!

Repeatedly this cheese has received various awards including the Taste of Somerset Awards 2010.

Tasting Notes

The unpasteurised mature Montgomery cheese has a sweet and nutty flavour, rich and deep. These flavours are matured during the 18 months maturation period resting on wooden shelves wrapped in muslin cloth.

The deepness of the taste is almost earthy and the cheese gives off a grassy aroma, alongside a fruity flavour.

Very noticeable in this cheese also is the brittleness, resulting from the carefully monitored fat and protein levels of the milk which effect the texture of the cheese, which is particularly dry, grainy and crystalline.

How to Enjoy

This is definitely one to try for any Cheddar connoisseur! If you’re a purist then on a plain old cracker will highlight the tastes, flavours and texture. It could also be used as part of cooking for a strong béchamel sauce, and enjoyed with a deep, dark Merlot.

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