Godminster Organic Cheese

Godminster Organic Cheese



About Godminster Cheese

Our best selling 14-month old, organic Godminster Cheese is made with pasteurised cows milk straight from the Somerset farms’ own dairy cows.

This vintage cheese is handmade in Somerset from a 70 year old recipe, using traditional methods, and comes wrapped in it’s distinctive burgundy wax. The cheese is thoroughly organic and suitable for Vegetarians.

Tasting Notes

Godminster Cheddar is a firm pressed medium to strong cheese. Most noticeable is the cheese’s exceptionally creamy, rich, full flavour. Initially mellow with a creamy consistency, Godminster then progresses to a tasty, lingering after bite.

How to Enjoy

As Godminster is wholly organic, using no preservatives at all, it is highly recommended that the cheese is kept refrigerated at all times

Its creamy consistency is best kept if left in the wax, allowing the cheese to be either scooped or sliced.

In order to bring out the flavour fully, we also suggest that Godminster be removed from the fridge approximately one hour before serving, to allow it to warm to room temperature before consumption.

Amazing coupled with a good apple chutney.

Our cheeses are delivered by courier for overnight/next day delivery, for customers in England and Wales only, so they arrive in the best condition. For customers in Scotland or Ireland, please call us on 01780 489269. We charge £6.50 for P&P for orders up to 2.5kg. Orders above this weight are charged £6.50 per additional 2.5kg. Unfortunately we can only deliver within the UK at present.