Époisses Cheese

Époisses Cheese



About Époisses Cheese

Époisses cheese is an unpasteurized cows milk cheese produced by Jacques Hennart in the village of Époisses in Burgundy France. This cheese is steeped in history having first been made by monks in the Abbaye de Citeaux, in Burgundy, France in the 1600’s. But far more renowned than the history of this cheese is it’s amazing pungent aroma!

Ranked fourth smelliest cheese in the world by a recent travel blogs article, Époisses has genuinely been banned from public transport vehicles across France, so beware this is not one for the faint hearted (nostrilled?).

Part of the reason for this distinctive nose is the traditional process of smear ripening the cheese and utilising milk coagulation. The cheese is initially washed in a salty, brine water, then left in a humid cellar. After a month the cheese is then repeatedly washed and rinsed with a mixture of water and a traditional French brandy, Marc de Bourgogne’s, two to three times a week for six weeks – until fully mature.

This process inhibits mould growth, allowing bacteria to grow which releases the distinctive aroma and flavour, as well as the soft reddy-orange colour of the thin rind which wrinkles with age.

Époisses cheese also makes a great gift, as it comes in a beautiful circular wooden box.

Tasting Notes

Époisses is technically a soft cheese, very creamy, but with a chewy and firm texture. Spicy as well as meaty, salty and with hints of earthiness and nuts, this is by all accounts a complex and powerfully rich flavour.

How to Enjoy

Époisses cheese is customarily and widely enjoyed with freshly baked French baguettes, or raisin bread, especially when dipped into a room temperature, soft cheese round, so it’s best to remove from the fridge at least one hour before intending to consume.

This is far better accompanied by a Trappist beer, or a very sweet white wine, such as Sauternes, produced in the same region as the cheese, than by any red wine partner.

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