Cotherstone Cheese

Cotherstone Cheese
Cotherstone Cheese

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About Cotherstone Cheese

Cotherstone cheese is the epitome of traditional farmhouse cheese. It is made to order, meaning the production is very small scale from Teesdale farm, England, so Cotherstone makes a rare delicacy.

The semi-hard cheese is made with pasteurized, full-fat Jersey cows milk and vegetarian rennet, in a simple, uncomplicated format of souring and setting the milk, then milling and moulding this before being set for it’s short maturation. As soon as a natural mould develops on the cheese, it’s ready for sale as a “Dale style” white, or very light yellow coloured cheese.

Cotherstone is a family recipe passed down from creator, Joan Cross’s grandmother. The cheese was originally made to feed the family on the farm, and this tradition has continued, hence they’re made to order policy on sales. The cheese was named after a village in County Durham, England and is related to Wensleydale and Swaledale.

Tasting Notes

Cotherstone cheese is purposefully designed to be eaten young, and as such has a fresh, buttery, citrusy, and noticeably acidic taste. It is mild and creamy with a crumbly, open and moist texture with a waxed rind. A clear mushroom, earthy flavour can sometimes be found directly under the rind, where the cheese is much softer and richer.

How To Enjoy

Due to the fresh flavour of Cotherstone, this cheese works brilliantly as a base for tarts and pastries, but can also be enjoyed as part of a ploughmans accompanied with green tomato chutney, and a light refreshing glass of Savignon.

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