Cote Hill Blue Cheese

Cote Hill Blue Cheese




About Cote Hill Blue Cheese

This multi award winning, unpasteurised, Blue Cheese is produced in Lincolnshire near Market Rasen by Michael and Mary Davenport. The Cote Hill Blue Cheese is made from their own Frieshian, Holstein and Red Poll cows milk and has been in production since 2005.

Winning a gold medal at the British Cheese Awards after their first year of production, and subsequently repeated gold winners at the Nantwich International cheese awards and a Bronze medal at the World Cheese Awards in 2010, speaks volumes as to the quality and uniqueness of the Cote Hill Blue Cheese.

The unique taste of the Cote Hill Blue is due, in part, to the cows summer grazing of rich clover pastures, and winter feed of maize silage and home made clover haylage. The use of unpasteurized milk also gives it its own flavour, making Cote Hill Blue rich in butterfat and protein.

Tasting Notes

Cote Hill Blue is a soft rinded, creamy textured blue cheese. Salted as part of the process, Cote Hill has a slightly salty taste, whilst being smooth and smokey.

How to Enjoy

Cote Hill Blue cheese is best enjoyed within 10 days of opening, and should be kept refrigerated upon receipt. For the most enjoyment of the cheese though, it should be served at room temperature, and in the absence of cheese paper, can be stored wrapped in kitchen foil if it’s not finished in one sitting.

Great as a baked cheese, so on jacket potatoes, as part of a lasagne or as a Cheese and Spring Onion snack.

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