Cobbler’s Nibble Cheese

Cobbler's Nibble Cheese
Cobbler’s Nibble Cheese

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About Cobbler’s Nibble Cheese

Currently the only cheese being produced in the county of Northamptonshire! The cheese is a new-comer to the market having been produced since 2013 by Gary and Rachael Bradshaw of Hamm Tun Fine Foods.

Cobbler’s Nibble cheese was born from a passion for supporting local, a dedication to sustainability and the realisation that though Northamptonshire is known for many things, cheese was not one of them!

The name for Hamm Tun Fine Foods testifies to this passion for local, as it’s derived from the Saxon name for the village of Northampton meaning well watered meadow, and the cheeses name, “Cobbler’s Nibble” decided through a Facebook competition drawing on the reputation of Northamptonshire for it’s shoes and cobblers.

Rachael and Gary have enjoyed success locally in Northamptonshire since production started, having spoken at a Made in Northamptonshire Networking meeting in which they met other like-minded county food and drink businesses, some of whom chose to stock the cheese. The Stamford Cheese Cellar are pleased to be one of the first to stock the cheese outside of Northamptonshire!

The Cobbler’s Nibble cheese itself is a naturally rinded hard cheese made from pasteurised cow’s milk, but unfortunately non-vegetarian. The process of naturally rinding the cheese requires substantial time in daily rubbing and turning producing a distinctive flavour.

Tasting Notes

Cobblers Nibble cheese has been said to be a cross between Wensleydale, Brie and Stilton – mostly due to the journey of textures travelled through in every mouthful. Starting with a crumbly bite, tasting slightly tart, the cheese progresses to a smooth and creamy texture finishing with a powerful, tangy kick of aged penicillin similar to a Stilton.

How to Enjoy

As ever with most cheeses, please leave an hour or so out of the fridge before enjoying to experience the full flavours of the cheese, as a perfect addition to a cheeseboard.

Would You Like To Try?

Unfortunately Stamford Cheese Cellar do not currently stock this cheese, but please get in touch directly with Hamm Tun Fine Foods by visiting their website.


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