Celtic Promise Cheese

Celtic Promise Cheese
Celtic Promise Cheese

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About Celtic Promise Cheese

Thanks to the name of this cheese, it’s no surprise to find out that Celtic Promise cheeese is the produce of Wales. Hand made by John Savage, the Dutch founder of Teifi farmhouse Cheese, based in Ceredigion since 1982, this artisanal cheese was originally overseen by James Aldridge. Which in turn leads to no surprise that Celtic promise has received far reaching praise as the 1998 Supreme Champion at the British Cheese Awards and before that the 1997 Bronze Medal for the same Awards.

Celtic Promise is a semi-soft, caerphilly style cheese, made with local unpasteurised cows milk. Created in Wales at its conception, the cheese is actually then transported through to Sussex to be matured by Pat Jackson. The ripening of the cheese takes approximately eight weeks, and is conducted through the smear ripening process, which is similar to that used for French Époisses cheese.

The pungent smell of Celtic Promise results from the ripening and rind washes in cider, which results in a moist, soft, buttery composition and a sticky orangey rind, which contrasts with the surprisingly mild flavour.

Celtic promise cheese is distinctively shaped like a dumpling, is suitable for vegetarians and has a standard fat content of 48%.

Tasting Notes

Celtic Promise has been likened to Gouda, but has a far deeper, tangy flavour. Soft, creamy and buttery – the texture of Celtic Promise cheese is smooth and supple, which contrasts superbly with the washed rind.

Though the aroma of this cheese is pretty strong due to the cider wash, the taste is actually fairly mild, aromatic, spicy and fruity, with characteristic suggestions of sweet grassy, straw.

How to Enjoy

Celtic Promise is highly thought of as a great cheese board cheese (maybe with a sweet apple chutney), but it’s real strength can only be appreciated if you melt it! Absolutely amazing on hot jacket potatoes or buttered toast. In fact we found this amazing recipe that couldn’t be more apt for Celtic Promise – Welsh Rarebit.

Celtic Promise cheese is also fantastic with a chilled glass of cider. Enjoy!

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