Brie Du Pays Cheese

Brie De Pays Cheese
Brie Du Pays Cheese

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About Brie de Pays Cheese

Brie de Pays is a traditional French Brie made using unpasteurised cows milk and animal rennet as a farmhouse cheese.

As with most Brie’s, Brie du Pays is produced and sold in wheels, or wheel segments, and has a pale colour and a grey skin directly underneath a white, moldy, and thoroughly edible rind.

This Brie has been extensively named the “Classic French Brie”, maintaining the expected texture – runny when ripe – and appearance of Brie’s, softening and growing stronger the longer you leave it.

Tasting Notes

Brie du Pays has the notorious and delicious creamy taste of Brie matched with an underlining rustic flavour. Lacking some of the bitterness of stronger Brie’s, Brie du Pays is a more rounded, gentler experience of Brie, with little tartness.

Has also been said to be particularly suited to British tastes, and can act as an introduction to stronger Brie’s such as Brie De Meaux.

How to Enjoy

A good Brie is basically a pre-requisite to a good Cheese board – so you can’t go wrong with utilising Brie du Pays for this purpose. Though is also works superbly well melted or baked, topped with nuts or fruit.


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