Brie de Melun Cheese

Brie de Melun Cheese



Brie de Melun is produced from either whole or skimmed, raw milk of cows grazing in the valleys of Seine et Marne and some departments of Aube and Yonne. It is semi-soft cheese inoculated with a Penicillium mould and aged in a cellar for at least 4-5 weeks.

Brie de Melun is an aromatic cheese with slightly musty and straw-like smells floating in the air. Over-ripening the Brie can result in an unpleasant odour from bacteria used to ripen the mould. The texture is semi-soft, and the rind is slightly dry. The rind turns darker and crumbly as the cheese matures to a Brie Noir. In addition, the pate is drier and darker, and the flavour is stronger to taste.

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