Bouncing Berry Cranberry Cheese

Bouncing Berry Cranberry Cheese
Bouncing Berry Cranberry Cheese

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About Bouncing Berry Cranberry Cheese

Cheese with a conscious

Bouncing berry is a mature cheddar, cranberry cheese made by the Snowdonia Cheese Company. If you’ve been browsing through some of the available cheeses from the Stamford Cheese Company you’ll have noticed there is a wide range of Snowdonia Cheeses available from us. Besides the amazing taste, texture and variety these cheeses offer, we’re also really pleased to support the company based on their ethics and policies as a business.

The Snowdonia Cheese Company started out with a mission to re-introduce the importance and demand for locally produced foodstuffs in Wales and around the Snowdonia region. The dairies and Snowdonia Cheese Company as a whole have a strong commitment to the region and it’s people, using as many local ingredients as possible, offering jobs to local farmers and community members in a sustainable fashion, promoting excellence in their products and staff through reinvestment.

All employees have a personal and functional development plan and an annual contribution from the company is given and distributed to various charities across the area and UK as a whole. The Snowdonia Cheese Company avidly support ethical trading and are currently working on a carbon neutral policy.

For all these reasons and more we’re proud to stock a range of their products including this 2009 Nantwich Silver Medal winning Bouncing Berry cheese. Bouncing Berry is a mature white Cheddar with ripe, juicy cranberries diffused throughout. Made with pasteurised milk and vegetarian rennet (suitable for vegetarians), the cranberry cheese is bound in a red wax truckle to elongate the lasting taste of the cheese.

The cheese gets its name from the process of bouncing cranberries to determine their ripeness. Ripe cranberries, the firmest and freshest, are so bouncy that they could be dribbled like a basketball. And needless to say only the best, ripest cranberries are used in Snowdonia’s Bouncing Berry cheese.

Tasting Notes

Bouncing berry is a tangy mature cheddar cheese, and as such has a strong, creamy Cheddar taste with the sweetness of the juicy cranberries dispersed throughout.

How to Enjoy

Bouncing Berry tends to be a popular favourite at Christmas time due to the cranberries (but is available all year round), so this cranberry cheese is well coupled with a selection of other cheeses as part of a traditional Christmas cheese platter, served with an assortment of crackers, chutney’s and obviously some full bodied wines.

As is the case with all Snowdonia Cheese Company cheeses, no preservatives make up this cheese, so it is advised that Bouncing Berry be refrigerated at all times, until serving, then bring up to room temperature one hour beforehand to allow the cranberry cheese to warm and release the full flavour.


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