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Berkswell Cheese




About Berkswell Cheese

Berkswell cheese is a ewes milk cheese made by a small family run business based in the namesakes village, in the West Midlands of the UK. The cheese originally was produced at the request of the local shop which had just lost their goats cheese provider and asked Stephen Flethcer of Rams Hall if he could create a Ewes milk cheese.

The cheese was created from a Caerphilly recipe but quickly developed it’s own character obviously varying substantially from other Welsh cheeses. Berkswell is a firm, full fat (45%) ivory coloured cheese, made from unpasteurised sheep’s milk, and has been a Gold medal winner in this category.

It is matured between four and eight months, during which time the rind becomes particularly textured and pitted, thanks to the use of kitchen colanders as cheese moulds, giving the distinctive shape to Berkswell.

Tasting Notes

Berkswell cheese is very more-ish, sweet and dry flavour, with hints of fruit and nut, reminiscent of Pecorino. The fruity acidity can offer a taste of pineapple, or citrus, whereas sometimes the overall long, deeper flavour is far more biscuity and creamy, although sometime can seem to have little to no aftertaste at all!

It is distinctively dense in texture, sometimes a little grainy, earthy, and depending on the age can be very firm, to fairly moist and soft for younger truckles. We found it pleasant crumbly texture in the mouth, yet retaining it’s hardness.

How to Enjoy

Due to the unique texture, and shape of this cheese it makes an atheistically pleasing addition to any cheese board but also acts as a wonderful cooking cheese – offering a more delicate flavour and softer texture. Superb as an addition to potato dishes, and as an alternative to Cheddar.

For a smoother taste to the cheese as part of a cheeseboard try adding a little honey, as this mellows the acidity.

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