Appleby’s Double Gloucester Cheese

Appleby's Double Gloucester Cheese
Appleby’s Double Gloucester Cheese

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About Appleby’s Double Gloucester Cheese

Appleby’s Double Gloucester cheese is created by Edward and Christine Appleby at Abbey Farm in Shropshire. Cheese making has been in the family for three generations, and the creation of Appleby’s Double Gloucester has been since 1986. The recipe is taken from the archives of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, previously submitted by family, and tweaked slightly.

Unpasteurised milk is used from the families own herd of Friesian Holstein cows, which graze on fine pastures on the Cheshire Plain, made up of salt and mineral deposits in the sandy, adding to the cheese distinctive taste. A vegetarian rennet is also added.

Although the ingredients are the exact same ingredients for the Appleby’s Cheshire cheese, the Double Gloucester has a subtler flavour due to variances in the heating and lower percentage of starter culture, resulting in a lower acidity, and slightly higher fat content. The cheese also utilises colouring to reflect the traditional orange hue for Gloucester cheeses, used since the 16th century to indicate the richest flavoured cheeses. Appleby’s Double Gloucester is then bound in calico with an edible paste before being sold on.

Tasting Notes

Appleby’s Double Gloucester cheese is a subtle, mellow flavour yet rich and nutty with hints of the mineral influence from the grazing pastures. Full bodied, yet smooth and creamy, and with obvious buttery undertones. A wonderfully comforting and morish cheese.

How to Enjoy

Great on it’s own, with subtle accompaniments, so un-flavoured crackers or crispbreads, or as a cooking cheese. Appleby’s Double Gloucester cheese can also be frozen, so you can stock up and ensure you always have some in! It shouldn’t be kept in the freezer for more than a couple of months ideally, and it is worth noting that freezing does have a crumbling effect on the smooth texture of the cheese.

Would You Like To Try?

Unfortunately Stamford Cheese Cellar do not currently stock this cheese, but please get in touch directly with Appleby’s Cheese by visiting their website.


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