Amber Mist Cheese

Amber Mist Cheese
Amber Mist Cheese

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About Amber Mist Cheese

Amber Mist Cheese is the name of the strong and mature Cheddar produced with lashings of Whisky by the Snowdonia Cheese Company.This hard, flavoured cheese is produced from grass fed cows and is not pasteurised.

The balance of Amber Mist is absolutely spot on, allowing the taste of Whisky to come through whilst being sensitive to the innate taste of a mature Cheddar. Any more Whisky and the creamy taste of a strong cheese could have been overpowered – but as it is, it’s just perfect!

As is evidently the general consensus as Amber Mist is another award winner from Snowdonia, having received a bronze medal in 2008 in the World Cheese Awards and Bronze in the British Cheese Awards in 2005!

Tasting Notes

This is a well balanced, smooth, strong and biting mature Cheddar, with a complimentary, warming, and slightly sweet, hint of Whisky.

Amber Mist also has a salty undertone, and comes in a thick orange wax rind, which is incredibly easy to remove.

How to Enjoy

As there’s already a hint of warmth with this cheese so it works wonderfully well with a warming flavoured cracker, something containing chilli or pepper – or with a plain cracker coupled with a warm chutney.

And as a accompaniment a smooth dram of Bowmore 12 year old malt orDalmore 12 year old Whisky.

Great for a winters evening!


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