Cheese Events & Evenings

Stamford Cheese Cellar offer unique Cheese Evenings including a 40-50 minute talk and the opportunity to purchase a wide range of cheeses to take home and sample with friends and family.

The Cheese Talks explain about the history of Artisan Cheeses, how best to keep and serve them and what beers and wines best compliment various different cheeses.

The evenings serve to share the passion of cheese, through the stages of production from cow to cheese producer to your table, and to raise awareness of the huge array of different cheeses currently available.

We can also tailor a talk around your preference of British cheeses or continental cheeses – just let us know.

Stamford Cheese Cellar’s Cheese Evenings are suitable for every age range, and have already been conducted in schools, rotary meetings and WI groups as well as interested groups of friends in their homes.

We offer these evenings to anyone in a radius of 40 miles of Stamford. If you or your friends would be interested in a Cheese Evening Event, please get in contact using the contact form and we shall get in touch to make arrangements.