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Stamford Cheese Cellar

Soft Cheeses

Brinkburn Goat's Cheese


A pasteurised, semi soft cheese made with Vegetarian Rennet which has won an array of awards. Known as an enigma, being an elusive, almost contradictory cheese, because of it's beautiful mix of tastes and textures. The tastes and complexity does grow stronger the longer it matures too. << Find Out More
Brie Du Pays Cheese

Brie Du Pays

Brie du Pays has the notorious and delicious creamy taste of Brie matched with an underlining rustic flavour. Lacking some of the bitterness of stronger Brie's, Brie du Pays is a more rounded, gentler experience of Brie, with little tartness. Works superbly well melted or baked, topped with nuts or fruit. << Find Out More
Coeur De Neufchatel Cheese

Coeur De Neufchatel

Due to this heritage, Neufchâtel is usually sold in either large or small heart shapes, the cheese is also available in small bricks, squares and large or small cylinders from some of the AOC producers of the cheese in the area. Though similar in looks to a Camembert, Neufchâtel has a saltier taste and sharper finish. << Find Out More
Camembert AOC Cheese

Camembert AOC

A regular supermarket cheese, which has been embraced by many who previously have no interest in cheese. is actually quite bland Š hence being a good cheese to introduce people to soft cheeses. Young Camembert can be actually quite hard and crumbly, whilst maintaining itÕs unassuming character. << Find Out More
Cote Hill Blue Cheese

Cote Hill Blue

This multi award winning, unpasteurised, Blue Cheese is produced in Lincolnshire near Market Rasen by Michael and Mary Davenport. The Cote Hill Blue Cheese is made from their own Frieshian, Holstein and Red Poll cows milk and has been in production since 2005. A soft rinded, creamy textured blue cheese. << Find Out More
Cropwell Bishop Cheese

Cropwell Bishop

A Blue Stilton steeped in tradition and family history. The Cropwell Bishop creamery, has been part of the current owners families since 1949, when the creamery was purchased by their great, great uncles London based business, which started in 1847. Cropwell Bishop Stilton cheese is a rich and tangy Stilton. << Find Out More
Durrus Cheese


Durrus cheese has a pale, light interior with a pinky, yellow-grey rind, which develops it's own mould as the cheese matures, becoming increasingly crustier on the outside. Durrus has received multiple awards including Best Semi-Soft. This cheese has a different all round taste depending on its age. << Find Out More
Ellingham Goat's Cheese


Created by Sam Steggles and his family in Norfolk, and sold under the business name of Fielding Cottage (named after their home before moving to Honingham, as the business expanded). Ellingham Goat's cheese is very similar to feta, being fresh, soft and white. The texture is particularly crumbly. Very moreish! << Find Out More
Époisses Cheese


An unpasteurized cows milk cheese produced by Jacques Hennart in the village of Époisses in Burgundy France. This cheese is steeped in history having first been made by monks in the Abbaye de Citeaux, in Burgundy, France in the 1600's. But far more renowned than the history of this cheese is it's pungent aroma! << Find Out More

Gubbeen Cheese


Produced in Schull, County Cork in Ireland at the family run farm run by Giana and Tom Ferguson. The name 'Gubbeen' is an English interpretation of the Irish word 'Gobin', meaning a small mouthful. Gubbeen is a low fat, semi-soft cheese. Gubbeen Irish cheese has achieved a Silver Irish Cheese Award. << Find Out More
Lanark Blue Cheese

Lanark Blue Cheese

As one of the first British produced ewe's cheeses, it's a p.erfect accompaniment for a hearty Bordeaux or Rioja, or a traditional Scottish dram. In keeping with the Scottish tradition the cheese is sold in foil depicting a Lanark milkmaid, cradling a cheese with a ewe by her side. << Find Out More
Mrs Bell's Blue Cheese

Mrs Bell's Blue Cheese

Named after their creator, Judy Bell, since 1987 this cheese is one of a number of variations. Notably less salty than many other blue cheeses, but replicates the similarities of the creaminess of Yorkshire Blue. It could easily be suggested as one of the best ewe's milk blue cheeses from the continent. << Find Out More
Binham Blue Cheese

Mrs Temple's Binham Blue

A soft blue veined cheese produced using pasteurised milk from Holstein Friesian and Swiss Brown cows. With a creamy texture and natural crust, with a luscious sweet blue tangy taste. Created with the cheese board in mind, there's no surprise that this is it's strength for full blown enjoyment. << Find Out More
Rosary Goats Cheese


Made with pasteurized milk and vegetarian rennet, so suitable for vegetarians, and is a beautifully soft cheese shaped into logs. Rosary Plain is a creamy, cleansing, clean flavour - with a natural hint of fresh lemon and clear goaty aftertaste. Works well as a base for creamy omelets. << Find Out More
Sharpham Brie Cheese

Sharpham Brie

Although named Sharpham Brie, this cheese is actually closer to a Coulommiers style of cheese, which started being made in the creamery of the 18th century coachyard of Sharpham house since 1981. The cheeses are now produced in a modern and larger creamery near the winery of Sharpham House. << Find Out More
Stichelton Cheese



An organic, mature, British, blue cheese made from unpasteurised milk from Friesian-Holstein cows on a farm on the Welbeck Estate in Nottinghamshire. << Find Out More
Stinking Bishop Cheese

Stinking Bishop

This semi-soft cheese, has been produced since 1972 by Charles Martell and Son at Laurel Farm in Dymock, Gloucestershire. Stinking Bishop has a very distinctive bright orange, sticky rind, holding in a gooey, runny interior. The aroma is particularly strong and the taste is surprisingly mild and creamy. << Find Out More
Vignotte Cheese


Vignotte Cheese is a semi-soft French cheese, produced in Normandie, in the Champagne-Ardenne region, made with pasteurised cow's milk. This intense cheese with powdery white skin is made with "Triple Cream", a high milk fat, with extra cream added during production, making it incredibly fatty. << Find Out More