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Hard Cheeses

Amber Mist Cheese

Amber Mist

Amber Mist Cheese is the name of the strong and mature Cheddar produced with lashings of Whisky by the Snowdonia Cheese Company.This hard, flavoured cheese is produced from grass fed cows and is not pasteurised. This is a well balanced, smooth, strong and biting mature Cheddar, with a hint of Whisky. << Find Out More
Berkswell Ewes Cheese


An ewes milk cheese made by a small family run business based in the namesakes village, in the West Midlands of the UK. The cheese originally was produced at the request of the local shop which had just lost their goats cheese provider and asked Stephen Flethcer of Rams Hall if he could create a Ewes milk cheese. << Find Out More
Bouncing Berry Cheese

Bouncing Berry

A mature cheddar, cranberry cheese made by the Snowdonia Cheese Company. Bouncing berry is a tangy mature cheddar cheese, and as such has a strong, creamy Cheddar taste with the sweetness of the juicy cranberries dispersed throughout. it is advised that Bouncing Berry be refrigerated at all times, until serving. << Find Out More
Cashel Blue Cheese

Cashel Blue

This semi-hard blue cheese is a quintessentially Irish cheese made on the family farm of the Grubbs. The family have been farming and involved in agriculture in the county of Tipperary in Ireland since 1719 and named their cheese, developed in 1984, after the Rock of Cashel. A creamy blue cheese. << Find Out More
Cotherstone Cheese


The epitome of traditional farmhouse cheese, it's made to order, meaning the production is very small scale from Teesdale farm in England. Purposefully designed to be eaten young, and as such has a fresh, buttery, citrusy, and noticeably acidic taste. << Find Out More
Cornish Yarg Cheese

Cornish Yarg

This delightfully different cheese is a beautifully finished Cornish, semi-hard cheese. The epitome of artisan cheese, Cornish Yarg is solely hand-produced in round, open vats, by Lynher dairies near Bodmin Moor in Cornwall, and has never been mass produced. Throughout the cheese is fresh, moist and rich. << Find Out More
Cropweel Bishop Blue Shropshire Cheese

Cropwell Bishop Blue Shropshire

A semi hard, blue veined and russet coloured cheese, taking it's colour from the added South American colouring agent, Annatto. It is a little denser than the Stilton Cropwell, but retains similar distinctive blue veining and a rich, rounded flavour.
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Dambuster Cheese

Dambuster Cheese

A full flavoured, pasteurised, strong Cheddar cheese, in honour of the RAF 617 squadron based at local RAF base, Scampton. The mature cheddar is wrapped in a distinctive black wax, helping the cheese retain the soft, creamy texture whilst maintaining it's classification as a firm cheese. << Find Out More
Ginger Spice Cheese

Ginger Spice

Another fantastic flavoured cheese offering from the Snowdonia Cheese Company! Ginger spice is a hard, medium Cheddar cheese with real chunks of stem Ginger throughout. A delicious combination of a smooth, medium cheddar with a hit of strong stem ginger, resulting in a sweet and warming flavour. << Find Out More
Godminster Cheese Organic

Godminster Cheese

Our best selling 14-month old, organic Godminster Cheese is made with pasteurised cows milk straight from the Somerset farms' own dairy cows. This vintage cheese is handmade in Somerset from a 70 year old recipe, using traditional methods, and comes wrapped in it's distinctive burgundy wax. << Find Out More
Green Thunder Cheese

Green Thunder

Green Thunder is the dramatic name for a formidable, dramatic cheese produced from the Snowdonia Cheese Company. Green Thunder cheese won the 2006 World Cheese Awards Gold and the 2008 Silver Award at Nantwich for its creamy, mature cheddar cheese, flavoured with garlic and herbs. << Find Out More
Isle Of Mull Cheese

Isle Of Mull

A traditional farmhouse cheddar cheese, produced on the only dairy farm on the Isle of Mull off the West Coast of Scotland. The artisan cheese and the farm are both very much a family affair. Run by Jeff and Chris Reade and two of their four sons, the dairy, Sgriob-ruadh farm, has been running since 1999. << Find Out More
Lancashire Bomb Cheese

Lancashire Bomb

The Lancashire Bomb, sometime referred to as the Black Lancashire Bomb is rather self explanatory - it's in customary black wax, shaped like a bomb, and yep, you've got it, made in Lancashire! Sound a bit gimmicky? Well don't be fooled. Due to the maturation, the Lancashire Bomber has a deeply creamy taste. << Find Out More
Little Black Bomber Cheese

Little Black Bomber

Another fantastic, award winning cheese truckle offered by The Snowdonian Cheese Company. A strong, extra mature cheddar cheese that packs a punch as a powerful presence on any cheeseboard. Unsurprising with the company's strap-line for this cheese being "Cheddar with Attitude"! << Find Out More
Lyburn Gold Cheese

Lyburn Gold

One of a variety of hand-made cheeses made on the farm by a staff of only five people, headed up by Paul Thomas, producing over one tonne of cheese each week! Lyburn Gold has received numerous awards over the years including a Gold award at the 2014 British Cheese Awards.
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Manchego Curado Cheese

Manchego Curado

Manchego Curado cheese, as the name suggests is a pasteurised, hard Spanish cheese, created in the La Mancha region of Spain. The name of the cheese actually originates from the ewe's milk used in production, which is from the Manchega breed of sheep. << Find Out More
Montgomery Cheddar Cheese

Montgomery Cheddar

One of the few and far between, and therefore distinguished, Cheddar's still made to exacting standards using traditional methods and hand made in Somerset. The unpasteurised mature Montgomery cheese has a sweet and nutty flavour, rich and deep.
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Sharpham Brie Cheese

Mrs Kirkham's Lancashire

Mrs. Ruth Kirkham is a third generation of cheesemakers in her family, working alongside her husband John, and since 1993 their son Graham at the family farm, Lower Beesley Farm in Goosnargh, near Preston - so this cheese is very much a family affair. Great for a warming treat during winter! << Find Out More

Norfolk Dapple Cheese

Norfolk Dapple

Made at Ferndale Norfolk Cheeses, by Ellie Betts, this cheese is mature and full flavoured, with a dry and hard texture. A delicacy delivered by a number of local Norfolk restaurants incorporates Norfolk Dapple into the twice baked Norfolk Dapple soufflé. << Find Out More
Pickle Power Cheese

Pickle Power

An amazing award winning flavoured cheese from the Snowdonia Cheese Company, Pickle Power Cheese is made from exactly what it says on the wax. A strong and powerful mature Cheddar cheese with big chunks of pickled onion infused throughout giving it a tangy kick! << Find Out More
Raclette Cheese


Raclette Cheese is produced in the Valais region, separating the Pennine and Bernese Alps, in South Western Switzerland. The name of the cheese is taken from the traditional language meaning to scrape - as Raclette is traditionally eaten hot and scrapped from the rind directly onto the plate. << Find Out More
Red Devil Cheese

Red Devil

Infused with red chilies and crushed pepper, aptly named Red Devil, for it's devilishly fiery kick, this cheese won the World Cheese Silver Award in 2006. Leaves a distinctive full flavoured, tangy taste, a little salty and then brings forth this bite of heat through the chilli and crushed pepper. << Find Out More
Scrumpy Sussex Cheese

Scrumpy Sussex

The hard-pressed, Cheddar style cheese is produced in the village of Stonegate in East Sussex, combining raw cows milk, and gently blending with the curd herbs, wild garlic and, of course, cider. Scrumpy Sussex cheese is a traditional family cheese and created to a similar recipe as Olde Sussex. << Find Out More
Sharpham Rustic Cheese

Sharpham Rustic

The semi-hard Sharpham Rustic cheese is made on-site by Sharpham House, downstream from the Castle and Church of Totnes, in South Devon. The Sharpham Rustic differs quite drastically from itŐs Sharpham Brie kindred, having a far lighter and more delicate flavour. << Find Out More
Shropshire Blue Cheese

Shropshire Blue

A soft textured, mellow cheese produced using pasteurised cow's milk and a vegetable rennet, making it suitable for vegetarians. The cheese is matured for around 12 weeks (though this can be extended for a further 12 weeks leading to a creamier, fuller cheese) and has a 48% fat content. << Find Out More
Smoked Cheddar Cheese

Smoked Cheddar

The smoked cheddar goes back to basics with a naturally Smoked Cheddar Cheese. Smoked Cheddar is British smoked in Rhyl, Wales, over beechwood smoke, giving a unique tasting, smoked Cheddar, wrapped in a striking bright yellow wax. Packs a punch with its strong smoky finish. << Find Out More
Smoked Northumberland Cheese

Smoked Northumberland

Smoked Northumberland Cheese is a delicate, creamy Cheddar traditionally produced by smoking the cheese over oak-chippings. The cheese is usually left for a minimum of 24 hours, on a smoking shelf, to develop a rich balance of smooth smokiness and a textured cheese. << Find Out More
Sparkenhoe Red Leicester Cheese

Sparkenhoe Red Leicester

A handmade, unpasteurized Red Leicester cheese, produced by local dairy farm cows. Made from a traditional recipe and matured and ripened for six months, bound with lard, on Beechwood shelves within the dairy, giving the cheese a rich, long lasting flavour. An initial sweet acidic, yet smooth taste. << Find Out More
Suffolk Gold Cheese

Suffolk Gold

Suffolk Gold cheese is a semi hard cheese, not unlike Cheddar, though a little softer, which is made with vegetarian rennet and pasturised cows milk. The milk used for Suffolk Gold is taken from the farm's own pedigree herd of award winning Guernsey cows.
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Tête De Moine Cheese

Tête De Moine

A Swiss cheese made in the French speaking region of the Canton of Bern. A semi-firm to firm cheese made from unpasturised cows milk. Tête de Moine cheese has a straw coloured yellow paste beneath the sticky rind. A complex full flavoured cheese. << Find Out More
Ticklemore Goats Cheese

Ticklemore Goats

Ticklemore Goats Cheese is a semi-hard goats cheese currently made at the Devonshire Sharpham Creamery. Originally the Ticklemore goats cheese was made by Robert Congdon of Ticklemore Dairy, but was passed onto his neighbours as space required, and is now made by Debbie Mumford. << Find Out More
Vintage Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese

Vintage Lincolnshire Poacher

Vintage and regular Lincolnshire Poacher is handmade from the farms own herd of 230 Holstein cows, which grass graze daily. The texture is smooth, as is the lingering, clean aftertaste giving off sweet fruit and nutty notes. << Find Out More
Smoked Godminster Cheese

Vintage Oak Smoked Godminster

The Oak Smoked Godminster is still matured for 14 months, offering the same creamy, smooth taste of the original vintage Cheddar. The texture is still less crumbly than other Cheddar's on the market, but this cheese has an added tangy, medium smokiness that penetrates through to the centre of the cheese. << Find Out More
Websters Stilton Cheese

Webster's Stilton

Created in the smallest creamery in England, in Saxelbye, Melton Mowbray, run by two sisters. The creamery is one of only a hand-full of licensed producers of Stilton cheese in the world, with the Webster's creamery exporting across continents, to the Himalayas and throughout the world. << Find Out More
Wensleydale Cheese


Widely available through most supermarkets these days and a firm favourite of many cheese lovers due to its mild, creamy and slightly sweet taste. t is a delicate cheese, initially slightly sour and with a honeyed and sweet aftertaste. It is distinctively moist, crumbly and flaky in texture. << Find Out More
Woolsery Goats Cheese

Woolsery Goats Cheese

This cheese has a number of variants, some hard, soft or semi-soft. The hard version of the cheese is pasteurised and made with vegetarian rennet, and matured for four months to give a rich and full flavour, without any unnatural preservatives or additives. << Find Out More