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Stamford Cheese Cellar

Cheese Directory

The following Cheese Directory is our ever expanding alphabetised directory of cheeses, not only supplied, but also tried by Stamford Cheese Cellar. The majority of these cheeses are sold via ourselves and can also be found under our Buy Cheese Online selection, though others are currently unavailable.

The cheeses which are unavailable through ourselves we have tried to include and feature in as much detail as those which are available to try, to give opportunities for other artisan cheese makers throughout the UK, and sometimes beyond. As we don't carry these cheeses in stock, we have also tried to include a link to somewhere that does sell each cheese, so should you like the sound of it, you can give it try even though we don't have it at present.

If there is a particular cheese that you would like us to feature in this section, whether you be the cheese maker directly looking for a review, or someone trying to source a particular cheese in the UK please get in touch and leave a request with us at cheesedirectory@stamfordcheese.com and we'll endeavour to create your requested page as soon as possible.

Amber Mist Cheese

Amber Mist

Appleby's Double Gloucester

Appleby' Double Gloucester

Berkswell Ewes Cheese

Berkswell Ewes

Bouncing Berry Cheese

Bouncing Berry

Brie Du Pays Cheese

Brie Du Pays

Brinkburn Goat's Cheese


Camembert AOC Cheese

Camembert AOC

Cashel Blue Cheese

Cashel Blue

Celtic Promise Cheese

Celtic Promise

Cobbler's Nibble Cheese

Cobbler's Nibble

Coeur De Neufchatel Cheese

Coeur De Neufchâtel

Cornish Yarg Cheese

Cornish Yarg

Cote Hill Blue Cheese

Cote Hill Blue

Cropwell Bishop Cheese


Cropwell Bishop Cheese

Cropwell Bishop

Cropweel Bishop Blue Shropshire Cheese

Cropwell Bishop
Blue Shropshire

Dambuster Cheese


Durrus Cheese


Ellingham Goat's Cheese


Époisses Cheese


Ginger Spice Cheese

Ginger Spice

Godminster Cheese Organic

Godminster Organic

Smoked Godminster Cheese

Vintage Oak Smoked

Green Thunder Cheese

Green Thunder

Gubbeen Cheese


Isle Of Mull Cheese

Isle of Mull

Lanark Blue Cheese

Lanark Blue

Lancashire Bomb Cheese

Lancashire Bomb

Vintage Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese

Vintage Poacher

Little Black Bomber Cheese

Little Black Bomber

Lyburn Gold Cheese

Lyburn Gold

Manchego Curado Cheese

Manchego Curado

Montgomery Cheddar Cheese

Montgomery Cheddar

Mrs Bell's Blue Cheese

Mrs Bell's Blue

Mrs Kirkham's Lancashire Cheese

Mrs Kirkham's Lancashire

Binham Blue Cheese

Mrs Temple's Binham Blue

Norfolk Dapple Cheese

Norfolk Dapple

Pickle Power Cheese

Pickle Power

Raclette Cheese


Red Devil Cheese

Red Devil

Rosary Goats Cheese


Scrumpy Sussex Cheese

Scrumpy Sussex

Sharpham Brie Cheese

Sharpham Brie

Sharpham Rustic Cheese

Sharpham Rustic

Shropshire Blue Cheese

Shropshire Blue

Smoked Cheddar Cheese

Smoked Cheddar

Smoked Northumberland Cheese

Smoked Northumberland

Sparkenhoe Red Leicester Cheese

Sparkenhoe Red Leicester

Stichelton Cheese


Stinking Bishop Cheese

Stinking Bishop

Suffolk Gold Cheese

Suffolk Gold

Tête De Moine Cheese

Tête De Moine

Ticklemore Goats Cheese

Ticklemore Goats Cheese

Truffle Cheese Brie

Truffle Brie

Vignotte Cheese


Websters Stilton Cheese

Webster's Stilton

Wensleydale Cheese


Wigmore Cheese


Woolsery Goats Cheese

Woolsery Goats Cheese