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Stamford Cheese Cellar

Brie Cheeses

Sharpham Brie Cheese

Sharpham Brie

Although named Sharpham Brie, this cheese is actually closer to a Coulommiers style of cheese, which started being made in the creamery of the 18th century coachyard of Sharpham house since 1981. The cheeses are now produced in a modern and larger creamery near the winery of Sharpham House. << Find Out More
Brie Du Pays Cheese

Brie Du Pays

A traditional French Brie made using unpasteurised cows milk and animal rennet as a farmhouse cheese. This Brie has been extensively named the "Classic French Brie", maintaining the expected texture - runny when ripe - and appearance of Brie’s, softening and growing stronger the longer you leave it. << Find Out More

Truffle Cheese Brie

Truffle Brie

The Stamford Cheese Cellar's French Truffle Brie is a decadent combination of French Duo de Brie cheese sandwiching fresh Winter Black Truffles in the centre. The best truffle cheeses are made only with fresh truffles, which are best in season, through November to March, perfect time to sample this treat. << Find Out More
Wigmore Cheese


A semi soft cheese produced in the village of Rinsley in Berkshire by a company called Village Maid Cheese, founded in 1986 by Anne Wigmore - hence the cheeses name. Wigmore can be quite crumbly in youth, but mellows and matures perfectly to a velvety, slightly melting edged cheese. << Find Out More